Blockchain Startup

DappLogix (as Team BlockRuit) is one of the winners at the Nasscom NIPP Blockchain challenge 2018 , Bangalore

About Us

Blockchain continues to be a contentious topic despite considerable improvements; while some call them "the next internet," others see it as "evil." They are the newest fintech fad at their most basic, but at their most advanced; they are a revolutionary technology that challenges the political and social foundations.

  • DappLogix (formerly Blockruit), a recent business based in Hyderabad, India, is creating a game-changing solution using blockchain technology's potential.
  • We are fully funded and sponsored. Beyond the use case for crypto, our product makes the best use of the blockchain.

Technology that Offers Trustworthy Background Checks and Restores Trust

In the post-COVID era, finding talent in the IT industry has become rather challenging. Offer rejections and no-shows are at an all-time high. Our goods are the outcome of the union of technology and compliance. Our solutions are based on blockchain-driven technologies that confirm national identity documents, educational credentials, and professional documents through past employment and education verification, criminal history check, and optical character recognition.

Our Product

All the Components Required to Construct Your Preferred Verification Funnel

With the help of's range of services, you may hire confidently and promptly.

  • Improved output from workflow automation Spend less time, automate tedious activities, and stop making manual mistakes. Using, you can manage several verifications, monitor development, and make confident hiring decisions.
  • Combines with your current HR systems readily integrates with your current ATS and HRIS tools. You may relax knowing that getting started doesn't need much time or effort.

Background-checking business brings all parties together on a single blockchain platform. The BGV approach is almost instantaneous and has no post-joining confidential process. The largest employee verification company in India,, boosts the joining rate by 85% and provides candidates with a fantastic offer-to-join experience. Adoption is comparatively simple because does not recommend altering the current hiring process

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